Ride On & Scrubber Machine (9)
    Floor Polisher Machine (10)
       Low Speed Floor Polisher (7)
       High Speed Floor Polisher (3)
    Carpet Extractor & Blower (5)
    Vacuum Cleaner (12)
    Mopping Tools (14)
    Janitorial Tools (25)
    Cleaning Trolley (14)
    Spare Part (97)
       Ride On & Scrubber Machine (19)
       Floor Polisher (50)
       Carpet Extractor & Blower (3)
       Vacuum Cleaner (17)
       Trolley, etc (8)
    Madani Utama Chemical
       Periodic Floor Care (7)
       Disinfectants (5)
       Daily Floor Care (5)
       Strippers & Specialty Cleaner (7)
       Kitchen (3)

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Established in 2003, CV. MADANI UTAMA to supply the most basic cleaning products such as cleaning chemicals, mops and brooms. In last recent years, our business has grown significantly and now we are offering a full range of cleaning service products.

Our clients include hospitals, cleaning services, offices, shopping center and reseller in major cities in Indonesia.


Our products including:

  1. Ride On & Scrubber Machine
  2. Floor Polisher Machine       
    - Low Speed Floor Polisher Machine
    - High Speed Floor Polisher Machine
  3. Carpet Extractor
  4. Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Janitorial
  6. Cleaning Trolley
  7. Madani Utama Chemical
    - Periodic Floor Care Maintenance
    - Disinfectants
    - Daily Floor Care and Maintenance
    - Strippers & Specialty Cleaner
    - Kitchen

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to be a market leader in cleaning industry in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients to solve their cleaning problems efficiently by providing them proper tools from our produsts.


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