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Spritz Microfibre Applicator 40 Cm
Spritz Microfibre Applicator 40 Cm

Spritz Microfibre Applicator 40 Cm


The SPRITZ applicator is ideal for sanitizing and/or washing floors. It comes complete with a 40 cm. Duplex frame with Velcro an aluminium handle with a double handgrip and a 1000 ml tank fitted with three spray noozles.

SPRITZ is practical and efficient : by simply pressing the button on top of the handgrip you spray the exact amount of solution on the floor.

The three noozles spray head is designed to spray the solution evenly and with a wide angle covering the entire surface of the mop, unlikely many other models existing in the market which only spray the detergent in the central area of the mop leaving it dry on the lateral side.

SPRITZ is also a universal tool, as it can be equipped with other frames of our range such as the No Touch, the Wet System, the Book, and with most of the frames already existing in the market.

It also can be used with window washer replacement. For best results we recommend you to use our 45X20 cm disposable viscose and polypropylene colths (art. RSU 71)

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